you are, as they say in latin, a dorkus-malorkus
you are, as they say in latin, a dorkus-malorkus

Solenne. 20 something. French.

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               -It’s her birthday today.

-Do you want to discuss something with me?
-Yes, indeed father. It’s… Are you aware that Polly comes to me when she… has questions about mother?
-To me. Because she knows very well that she will get no answer from you. What was her favorite song? what was her favorite poem? her favorite writer? her favorite flowers?, and the worst: Why do people always tell me that I am exactly like her?. And I have no answers to give her.
-I am sorry to hear that but—
-Are you? You… I don’t know. We can not even mention her when you are in the same room. You deny her whole existence.
-Stop talking about her.
-When was the last time you said mother’s name? Or the last time you just thought of her?

-I think I understand. It’s probably easier for you this way: no memories, so no remorse when—
-Enough Patsy! Don’t say anymore.

-If you need me, I will be outside.

                                          ( she buried her tiny nose in the flowers,
eyes closed, dark auburn curls around a lithe face, and slowly breathed in the fresh scent. the smile she offered him was ravishing.
                                          “they are beautiful Tom.” )

                  -Bachelor’s buttons.
                  -I’m sorry?
                  -Her favorite flowers. Bachelor’s buttons. The purple ones.
                                                                                      a Virginia wildflower

voilà! It’s just… the Jeffersons give me a lot of feeeeels, OKAY?! So, idk, i have the feelings that the ‘Martha subject’ (his late wife and, imho, the loss and the love of his life from which he never fully recovered) was a very sensitive topic during all his lifetime, and he always avoided to mention her -like in his autobiography for example- which was pretty difficult to handle for their daughters. FAV HISTORICAL OTP ALERT GUYS!

yep, i’m making my own TJ mini-serie and dreamcast in my head! LEAVE ME ALONE

Stephen DillaneThomas Jefferson
Vanessa Kirby“Patsy” Jefferson Randolph

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    -It’s her birthday today. -Do you want to discuss something with me? -Yes, indeed father. It’s… Are you aware that Polly...
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    So many feels!! And such an odd historical OTP to suddenly get hooked on….
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